A lot of bars seized fake IDs, What’s next?

The fantasy of underage students, getting their hands on fake ids, to access bars and clubs before the legal age, can end up facing serious legal action. Each year, the rate of the seized fake ids by bartenders and bouncers keep going up, despite the fact that immediate legal action is taken by the police. The minors who try to sneak into the bar might be able to do so once or twice but they finally get caught as it is not very hard to detect a fake ID these days.

Lately, a lot of bars have seized large amount of fake IDs and a club was reported to put all the fake ids on a table, to showcase the culprits. A bartender reports that a boy approached his counter with a six pack of beer and his ID said John Stamos. He said that he stared at the kid with a smirk and told him that he had given it a nice try but it was of no help.


It is weird and funny how kids assume that their fake ID won’t be caught; say a lot of bartenders and bouncers. According to them, they can get away with it once or maybe twice but not all the times. The security features on the real ID are too prominent to avoid and the fake ones usually don’t have any. Also, the features of an ID overall vary highly from the unreal ones which make them easy to spot by someone who has been a bartender for a long time. Also, fake IDs lack quality which tends to make them easier to identify too. Sadly, students and underage kids don’t really consider this before getting themselves into trouble and are also unaware of the legal punishments that follow if they are caught with a fake ID.

There are a lot of internet companies that offer fake IDS but that does not cost you anything less than $1000. If you purchase them in bulk, a little difference is added but not a lot of concession is expected. Also, with a lot of new companies on the internet, offering “high quality” fake IDs, kids usually get magnetized towards the fantasy. However, the end is pretty bad. In some states, the story does end at seizing the fake ID and a warning but in majority of the states, a proper penalty has to be paid. You would either have to pay a hefty sign or spend some time in the prison if you are unable to pay the fine till the deadline. A lot of countries put the fake ID, up on your record, for a lifetime which is horrendous as it makes it hard to be believable for a lot of clubs and bars. You won’t be up for enjoying your bar time, if your record shows that you were caught with a fake ID. Also, your kids won’t be happy to see it either.

With governments taking full control over the fake ID situations, different laws and regulations are being passed in order to put a halt on identity theft. A lot of bars have seized fake ids, what should be expected next? Well, to be honest, you can expect anything to come forward. States are beginning to think of different penalties that could be harder and would stop underage kids from getting fake ids too. Thus, be safe kids and wait till the age is right to get inside that bar or club or to drink gallons of alcohol. Better be safe than sorry.


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