Teach SEO to stick to one Google page for online games.


Teach SEO to stick to one Google page for online games.

Currently, there are many websites for online games, especially the illegal server games such as Ragnarok, ran, rohan, yokan. And there are many games Which has caused a lot of competition, so I will teach SEO to stick to one page, Google

First of all


  • The website should be an HTML5 website which will greatly affect SEO.
  • Should reduce the use of flash websites
  • Using keywords that are not unique and meet the target of searchers such as Ro, open today, give away free bra, or can use google keyword analysis tool. KeywordPlanner
  • Entering a website description description that describes your website
  • Putting alt "" in the image
  • Submit the web about the game to make the index more sensitive.

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Prohibition of seo for online games

  • Do not spam posts as various web board may be ban.
  • Do not create a back link beyond the size needed. May be google ban website



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