Download Drive Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free on android


Drive Simulator 2 Mod is an interesting simulation game with unlimited money. In this mod game you can buy vehicles for free. You can unlock all levels with money. Enjoy the game.

Drive Simulator 2 Mod Apk:

  • - Version: 1.3
  • - Size: 87.57 MB
  • - Price: Free
  • - Need root: don't want
  • - Offer In-App purchase: number
  • - Price: Free

Editorial review

Truck drivers are interesting, but challenging. You are sitting behind a heavy and powerful machine that is different from normal driving. Therefore requires a lot of skills and driving experience Not everyone has the skills to be a real truck driver. But everyone can make it a reality in the game That is why many truck driving simulation games occur. They often attract players. Today we would like to introduce such games as Drive Simulator 2. It is a truck driving simulation game developed byHealthy Body AppsWhich is available in different versions of 2 in the Play Store. Free one (Lite) and one full (payment). The full version will take you to advanced features and unlock all content.

You can download and touch the Lite version before you buy the full version. If you want to play Full Drive Simulator 2, we will assist you by creating Drive Simulator 2 Full (Mod Money) APK files. You just download and install and play for free.

- Download Drive Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free on android

Play Drive Simulator 2 game

Drive Simulator 2 is a driving simulation game, so all you have to do in the game will revolve around truck control. In the game, you are a hard-working driver who controls trucks to deliver goods. We can explain the simple gameplay of Drive Simulator 2 as follows: You get a mission in the hub, move to the desired location to pick up goods, help other cars ... then go to the destination.

Everything sounds easy. But you will find that there are many interesting things that you can explore during the game. First you have to control the moving truck in the city. It's not easy because there are many other vehicles joining the traffic. In order to avoid them, take care of the distance because the collision can damage your truck. In addition, you must pay attention to the map, which will help you move to the correct position as quickly as possible. The faster you complete your mission, the more rewards you will receive. You shouldn't forget your gas tank. You should always make sure that it is sufficient, because if you run out of fuel, you have to use $ 500 to call the rescue team.

- Download Drive Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free on android


In addition, Drive Simulator 2 also has a free mode that allows you to move around the city freely with any of your vehicles. There will be no pressure on time or workload, which you need is to enjoy everything. Just go to the gas station and refuel, you can move anywhere.

Unlock new vehicles

In the game, you will need a new truck to expand your company as well as develop your business. Each type of vehicle has different functions. For example, a long truck is responsible for the rescue. Excavators can work efficiently in the construction area ... In addition, Drive Simulator 2 also brings trucks over 20 for you to choose from. Of course, they are not available at first. But you have to work hard to earn enough to unlock However, you can download and install Drive Simulator 2 Mod Which we provided in this article It allows you to unlock vehicles in the game for free.

- Download Drive Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free on android

Control mechanisms and graphics

About the control mechanism in Drive Simulator 2 is similar to Construction Simulator 3. In the game, you have to hold the throttle to move forward, release it to reduce speed or stop the brakes. On the left side there is the 2 button, a button to navigate the car to the left or right. In general, the control mechanisms in the game are easy to use and easy to use. You need to include a flexible button to control the movement of your truck without accidents on the way.- Download Drive Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free on android

In addition, Drive Simulator 2 also has impressive graphics. Vehicles are well designed with the same details as in real life.

Complete the challenge

Currently, the game has different levels of 5 for you to conquer. Each level consists of 6. Progress with increasing difficulty. Below is an entry level:

  1. Small construction
  2. Large construction
  3. logistic
  4. recovery
  5. Send full

Download Drive Simulator 2 Mod Apk 1.3 [Unlimited Money] .apk

Download Drive Simulator 2 Mod



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