MOL joins hands with Truemoney to hold the "Slot Machine" event! Vol.2 "Give away more than 8 hundred baht prize


Come back again with the great promotion that way. MOL joins with Truemoney Cash Card and games like "Slot Machine Spinning! Vol.2 "is called heavy. Continuing the series. This time, there are more than 800,000 worth of prizes, just refill the game at the promotion. 2 1 - 30 June 2560

following details

on the 1: Recharge with Truemoney Cash Card Get great value items from participating games.

Can refill with Truemoney Cash Card to join the promotion. Will receive items According to the card price set You can see details of each promotion at the button. "Rotate it! Get it!" From the promotion of participating games.

on the 2: Every Top Up 100 BONUS Slot Machine


Every top up 100 US Dollars are eligible to win the Slot Machine.

  • Pokemon Evo, Monarchy War, City You, and more.
  • Gift Voucher Coupons from McDonald's, Iberry, Starbucks
  • Zest Shop Discount Coupon
  • True Money Cash Card valued at 50, 300 US

And after the promotion. The Razer Serval Gaming Controller (For Android) and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Grand Prize are eligible for special promotions. The winners will be announced on July 15. 2560

Follow more details at www.mol.com And https://goo.gl/IRtnSU

** For promotion details and prizes participating. Players can check the news page of the game.



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