Review of the Darkness Rises, the coolest Action RPG game in Thailand right now !!


If anyone likes to play the game. Action RPG Dark Avenger series is a familiar game already familiar. With the popularity of the game. This series has been released to the 3 sector. "" This is the latest game in the series. It has been released in Korea since 2016 or 2 last year by the camp. Nexon And the latest game was launched in Thailand already. That makes everything in the game. All changes are in Thai. Tell them to try it.

Awesome games Action RPG 1 in Thailand !!

I did not say anything. Because of the constant search for games. Action RPG Excellent quality in Thailand. To be compared to the radius of the game. Darkness Rises The game features high resolution 3D graphics. But do not eat the specification. Through the TPS view or 3 person view, which is well designed for players like us. It absorbed the emotions of the game fully. The playback view is locked. Or turn to Each corner of the battle is broadcast. The format that the team needs.

- Darkness Rises Review, The Best RPG Game in Thailand Right Now!

In the game, we will select 1 in 4 as the main character. It consists of. Warrior, Wizard, Berserker and Assassin Both the 4 and the professional are different in terms of attack speed, speed and style of the skill. For the part of the control system. The game offers a typical Action RPG style control that consists of an 1 attack button, an 5 skill button, a split 4 button, and a 1 button. In addition to the 6 control buttons, The game also has a secret button called. "Angry skill" This is a special skill that will make our character show a special cool. Kill the enemy with a single attack.

- Darkness Rises Review, The Best RPG Game in Thailand Right Now!

Another unique feature of this game is. "Skill system" The system of the game. Does not have the same number of buttons to press. The game has many skills to choose from a variety of skills. We can choose the skill set to use freely. The skill in this game is in the continuous skill system. It is called Chain Skill, it is a special skill continuous. To be able to use it once we have used a skill to go. That means Generally, we see that 4 can be hit. In fact, it has hidden 4 skill or it is usable to use the general skill to 8 skill !!

- Darkness Rises Review, The Best RPG Game in Thailand Right Now!


Darkness Rises is also featured in the player's identity. The game adds a variety of additional features. In addition to fine-tuning the look. The game also has a color changing system. To make our character unique. Which would be a gamer who wants to create a unique identity, quite a bit.

- Darkness Rises Review, The Best RPG Game in Thailand Right Now!

Summary from the author ...

It's hard to find a game. Which game to compare? Darkness Rises Now with the age of the game past 2 years, but with the graphics. And play systems. It also makes the game look fresh and unchanged. And from that I try to play. The translation into Thai. It's quite made out well. Do not look very strange. The game is elegant. And fun, I think that would like to gamers all the course.

- Darkness Rises Review, The Best RPG Game in Thailand Right Now!

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