Summoners War, update, big hole, worth dimension, definitely waiting


Who is new to the content, saying that it has come for the mobile game, the strongest number from Com2uS at summoners War The latest update has released a new hole, after waiting for a long time after the release of the data, provoking the gamers throughout the 10 in the full month. Finally, the Summoners War will release the update. "Dimension hole" Come out to challenge the skill of the summoners in the end This new content is a battle mode, a large PvE style, and each stage has unique entry conditions. This event, if you have to fight, but have to pry all the strategies to use or arrange monsters in the new team.

Dimensional holes are divided according to monster characteristics. "Dimension Car Zahn" Of the powerful demon and the "Elulian dimension" that the angels dwell in For the carzah dimension Players must use only 4 monsters. Players must use the same elemental monster to raise the team. Which has different entry conditions Players will have the opportunity to create monsters and organize a new team to dabble in different dimensions. In addition, the boss in the dimensional hole will use the skill caused by the skill of the 2 monster that Summon. Monza comes together And when conquering the boss Players will receive new prizes again.

- Summoners War, update, big, hole, dimension, worth waiting, of course.

This update also has a system. "Wake up the 2 power" added Now, Summoners can wake up to the 2 power for the 2 ~ 3 monsters, like bears, warriors, fairies, Inudami and Pixies! The powerful 2 monster will have a new look. With upgrades, status and full skills

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Summoners War6317-0 - Summoners War Update, big hole, worth the wait.

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