Pro rogue mobile game version MU Origin-TH 1.0.1.


After being releasedCheat MU game on mobile () In the 1.0.0 version to play This time, the new version of 1.0.1 will be played. For this pro is a game pro. Mobile phone The latest that we have developed


For the 1.0.1 version, we have something good to play.

  • Skew doesn't delay every career.
  • Strike every career
  • Cheat Diamond (Lock Pattern 9999)
  • Boss hunting does not lose blood.
  • Sucking minerals in interstellar activities takes only 1.
  • Down, every push will get exp * 5 (outside will not be multiplied)
  • Blood pump
  • Free life without losing your life.
  • Other
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