The pubg mobile game cheat PC version is only open to test 100.


There is a new game cheat that we just developed. Come to friends to experiment with each other, which is the game. On the PC version of Tencent Gaming Buddy, all systems will be tested. We will only distribute the first 100 to try to play before. To be able to use it. And good news I have not been able to find any of them. It's and loads more than originally.

Pubg mobile on PC version

  • Look at the players to tell the distance is M and KM.
  • Lock the target
  • I do not know
  • Wap to various points
  • Remove grass
  • Shot through the box and cabinet.
  • Makes the game more fluid.
  • Suspended anti 100%

The various systems that we make are for friends to test different errors so that we can use them to improve the pro so that they can use it in full. 100%


Download game and cheat game.


How to use

  1. Install the game that comes with the pro.
  2. Game Login to play as usual.
  3. After the game starts, press the INSERT button at the keyboard.
  4. If not, restart the 1 router and try again.



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